New Year - New You?

So, I know this is the time that everyone sets goals, I've even set a few myself.. but I do want to encourage everyone to read up on 4 blog posts that a wonderful lady (that I greatly admire) has posted.

Link to Part 1
Link to Part 2
Link to Part 3
Link to Part 4

She helps you find what goals really matter to your deepest core and in doing so, she helps me actually accomplish your goals. She has a product that I am using for 2015 (powersheets) and they are sold out for 2016! (Luckily, I received them for 2014 and I never used them. >.<) Anyways, she is going through some of the steps in the powersheets on her blog to help EVERYONE/ANYONE reach their goals.

It takes some time to work through all the parts/steps.. but it is so worth it!!
Take some YOU time and do this for yourself. :)

She is Christian and that is part of who she is + what she believes in - but being as I am not Christian, I haven't had any issues with it and there is nothing explicitly Christian in the powersheets or the process she's blogging about

Update 2


^Pretty sure that is my favorite thing ever right now. (don't quit/do it)

For those who are new, my new years resolutions are being done by a "30 day challenge" each month. First challenge related to changing my sleep schedule around due to starting school last semester. My sleep scheduled used to be me staying up until 3-4am and being exhausted all day until the evening/night - I'd wake back up and repeat.
I also use social media to hold myself accountable, I tell everyone my challenge and do weekly updates (Sunday) to "check in" on my progress and how I'm doing.


Anyways, I'm a day late on my update on LJ but I posted yesterday on Instagram/Twitter.
The last 7 days, I've followed my rules and gone to bed by 11pm, no tech after 9, and all that jazz.
One day was kind of a mishap, I had a group project and didn't get home until 930p and so I used some tech late (like, my phone for radio) but once I got home, it went up and I didn't do anything tech-related after that.

** I've been getting more into a sleep routine. I get sleepy by 10:30p, if not earlier, every day and I started waking up at 6am yesterday. My ultimate goal is 6am but might bump it back.

** I've also been more AWAKE during the day. I didn't think that was possible, I'm not a morning person and getting up that early - I was sure I'd be exhausted all day like I was before.

** I've been less into technology. I don't resort to my phone or facebook or anything because I'm bored or in a socially awkward place.. though, I do check it sometimes.

** School work is #1 concern. I don't know if I have enough time to actually accomplish school work. I thought I would but with getting out of school, transferring V to kindergarten, then getting home and spending a couple hours alone before going and getting V from school and doing the mom thing... then V goes to bed by 8 and I turn off technology at 9 then get ready to go to sleep.. so I can't exactly stay up until 1am working. We'll see. I know weekends I don't have V will be used to get caught up and I'm behind right now. (Damn TV shows) If I get a schedule down, it might work better. We shall see.

** It takes me a long time to actually get OUT of bed. My alarm goes off at 6am, then I lay around in bed for like 30 minutes before actually getting out of bed. Defeats the purpose of getting and being productive if I'm in bed for 30 minutes. Lol. I'm just worried that I won't be able to embrace the early morning if I can't actually force myself up at 6. I'm not sure. I need a routine, something to do. Maybe 5 minutes in bed then up, eat, yoga..etc. I'm not sure, maybe I need to just hop up out of bed right when my alarm goes off and then get going.


Still not sure what to do about February's resolution.
I was debating between eating better and working out. Both would take prep time to get things prepared and could be implemented into the morning routine. I'm thinking working out would be less prep work as it is one time a day as opposed to 2-3 times a day.

I have a ton of ideas of challenges and I'm trying to place them during times that make sense, like not doing a declutter/clean challenge during the middle of the semester when I'm backed up on school work. We shall see what I do.

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I know it's getting old, so I'll put it under the cut. Scotty.

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However, there are more things going on in my life. SURPRISE! Lol.

1. DHS finally approved my daycare. FINALLY. Lol. So, I have that taken care of. :) I don't know what's going on in July, things are going to be weird.. I only have class for 3 days and I'm not sure if they will give me the entire month or not - they told me they would but who knows. Luckily, the lady that runs the child care lets me pay the DHS price instead of the regular price, so it will be expensive in July but I won't have to pay anything but $20 each month, the rest of the year. So, it'll make up for it. Except, my home/car insurance is coming up for renewal and that's like 1500. /sigh.

2. V is now in all of her activities. Cheerleading, dance, and basketball. It's intense. I'm glad that two of those happen at her daycare and the other one is on Monday evenings. she really enjoys it all and looks forward to it every week. :)

3. I'm a week in to my Economics course. :D I'm thoroughly enjoying it. The professor told me on Thursday that I should be a double major.. that I should major in Econ instead of minor in it. :D I wonder why? I didn't ask. I was caught off guard.. so I'm going to ask her this week. :) It is a lot of work. I go to class every day of the week, Mon-Fri, so anything assigned on Monday is due Tuesday. I'm not used to that at all, but it is definitely helping me to not procrastinate as much! I didn't have my book so I wasn't able to read a little ahead, so I'm trying to catch up on that. :\ We have a quiz on Monday and an exam on Wednesday. EEP. I'm going to finish up some reading today.. it's been so lazy. Lol.

4. I'm addicted to watching tv shows on netflix now.. it's so much easier than finding a movie, since it has so many episodes and IDK.. yep.. so.. I am now watching Once Upon A Time, only have 11 episodes left on the 2nd season and hopefully they will put the 3rd season up soon. >.< Really happy that they renewed it for the 4th season. :D I have a ton of tv shows to catch up on Scotty and I have agreed to watch the walking dead [I'm making him watch it] and Revolution [he's making me watch it] together. Lol. To get caught up. >.< TV shows are so much easier to watch. I did watch World War Z yesterday too..

5. I'm having a hard time with the custody thing. V misses Brian but IDK if he is changing. He never wants to listen to anyone but himself. /sigh. I just hope that I can find a new attorney so that I can get this figured out. I let V call him about once a week.. :\ I hate doing that, but idk.. it's father's day so I let her call him.. and it's all "I miss you, I want to see you" and it's frustrating.